Thanks to the Beatles, U.S. music sales increase for first time in years

Thanks to the Beatles, U.S. music sales increase for first time in years
According to the latest Nielsen figures, overall music sales in the U.S. have increased for the first time in years, mainly thanks to extremely strong sales of the Beatles digital catalog.

For the YTD (year-to-date) period, sales were up 1.6 percent, with digital track sales up 9.6 percent, making up for continued declines in physical CD sales.

Until the Beatles finally put their entire catalog on sale via digital distribution last November, growth in digital sales has slowed to just 3 percent, after seeing triple digit growth for most of the previous decade.

Since November, digital sales have been much higher, leading the firm to believe that the Beatles sales were the catalyst.

The sustained sales may also be attributed to Apple's strong marketing campaign for the Beatles music, which may have led an older generation to start buying music.

Vinyl record sales were also up 37 percent year-over-year, as the records have become a new "trend" for younger buyers.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 May 2011 12:24
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  • Mez

    Go figure?
    You can buy Beatles music cheaper on CD. You can get their greatest hits, more than 20 on one CD for 10 USDs. Half the price and great quality. Then I can't figure the vinyl come back either. People do what they want.

    I do admire Apple's market savvy if not the company's ethics.

    13.5.2011 12:59 #1

  • Zoo_Look

    I think the sentiment is shared by many... the music scene pretty much is dead and now seems to rely on back-catalogues of artists instead of "new and improved" re-hashes of their work!

    When was the last original tune you heard?

    13.5.2011 15:22 #2

  • robertmro

    "When was the last original tune you heard?"

    Decades ago.

    13.5.2011 19:21 #3

  • Zoo_Look


    13.5.2011 19:26 #4

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