Xbox Live to add free-to-play games?

Xbox Live to add free-to-play games?
According to new reports, free-to-play games are headed to Xbox Live.

Microsoft has been rumored to be speaking with developers for some time on adding F2P titles, as well as a micro-transaction service which would allow for quick in-game purchase.

F2P games, like those found on mobile devices, rely on in-game upgrades (like new armor, poker chips, new maps, etc) or on ads to bring in revenue.

The rumor has Microsoft starting the service in early 2012.

Rival Sony has one F2P game for the PS3 and Nintendo has bluntly said they will not be starting a similar service for their consoles. Steam on the PC has support for newly added support for F2P, like the new "freed" game Team Fortress 2.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Jun 2011 21:19
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  • borhan9

    This is mostly because of Sony having free content on there online network. Microsoft seems to be behind the times for a long time now. We used to see what Microsoft creates and others follow suite but now its everyone else's creates something new and Microsoft copy's some how.

    25.6.2011 09:03 #1

  • LordRuss

    Wait a minute... Xbox Live? Not that I have an Xbox, which, I know - makes it a [Russ speaking out of turn] situation, but you have to 'pay' for that, right? So what part of "free to play" is the alluring sell here? I'm open to correction here, but I'm also feeling like a cat getting rubbed the wrong direction here.

    The reason based behind my questioning this sales campaign is due to my kids constant harassment for me to purchase them Live cards. That being the case, what's the purpose? Other than server access for interactive play; I always thought there was access to 'some' games, flash style & the likes. I suppose that's what I get for thinking

    Just quick $ easies from the correction squad if you would please.

    25.6.2011 14:19 #2

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