Wal-Mart is back in the movie rental business

Wal-Mart is back in the movie rental business
Wal-Mart has announced it has gotten back into the movie rental business for the first time since early 2010.

The retail giant has begun streaming and renting movies online, day-and-date with their physical DVD counterparts.

Wal-Mart bought VUDU last year, and the companies now offer 20,000 titles.

A few devices that support VUDU are the PS3, Blu-ray players, Sony Bravia HDTVs and a number of set-top boxes.

Rentals cost $1-$5.99 at walmart.com.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Jul 2011 0:15
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  • LordRuss

    Let's see... Blockbuster's down, but not out. Netnuts has stepped in it so deep that if they inhale too harshly their great grandchildren will have colon breath for life as well... Thus the rental market is Soooo bad that Walmart has actually felt a rift in the force... one big enough to actual take the dive & jump "back" into the fray? I would say they had best move their butts really hard & really fast & for once NOT screw this up.

    Stick to the Walmart creed, stack it high & watch it fly. Not, price it high & watch them cry.

    $1-2 rentals I would climb on board, but $6? Definitely not for a streamer.


    27.7.2011 11:28 #1

  • POGK

    Been using VUDU for about 6 months now. Quality is EXCELLENT, price is a bit off the mark, although it is competitive with on demand cable services. Cost is more than likely associated with being able to stream on release date. This isn't really "new" news is it?

    27.7.2011 14:59 #2

  • LordRuss

    Originally posted by POGK: This isn't really "new" news is it? For Walmart it may be. I vaguely remember them catering to Vudu, then it disappearing before I got a complete handle on exactly what the service was. Now it's back.


    27.7.2011 15:40 #3

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