VIA sues Apple over patent tech

VIA sues Apple over patent tech
VIA Technologies has sued Apple over patent infringement.

The company designs low-power microprocessors and controllers.

HTC recently made similar claims, unsurprisingly since HTC and Via have worked together multiple times.

The complaint, filed with the ITC and the U.S. district court, claims that all Apple devices using iOS and the A4/A5 processors are infringing on 'microprocessor functionality, namely “method and apparatus for double operand load” (6253312) and “instruction set for bi-directional conversion and transfer of integer and floating point data” (6253311 and 6754810),' said Xbit.

Adds Via:

Via has built up an extensive IP portfolio consisting of over 5000 patents as a result of significant investments in world class technology research and development. We are determined to protect our interests and the interests of our stockholders when our patents are infringed upon.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Sep 2011 11:21
Apple VIA patent Lawsuit Infringement
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  • FreddyF

    Hey Apple, payback's a Bi@@h ain't it!

    23.9.2011 11:51 #1

  • Notcow

    I hope they win, even if they're flat out lying, hope they win.

    23.9.2011 17:12 #2

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by Notcow: I hope they win, even if they're flat out lying, hope they win. Yeah, if apple wants to be a patent suing troll when everything they have is either licensed or stolen from others, they deserve all the backlash they get.

    23.9.2011 23:11 #3

  • FreddyF

    In reality, the best outcome for everone is if the court decides that discoveries are not inventions and therefore cannot be Patented. The thought that someone could use a blood sample without my permission and essentially my genes via a patent is a little scarry. The scarrier part is that it has already happened more than once, and the discoverer receives a large royalty stream while the people who the illegally used samples were taken from and who should have ownership to(it is part of their body, after all) get absolutely nothing. How's that for patent theft and troll.

    24.9.2011 06:43 #4

  • plazma247

    It wouldn't be the first time crapple did this.. cough nokia gms codec.. lol

    2.10.2011 06:36 #5

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