Huawei shows off Android phone with huge battery life

Huawei shows off Android phone with huge battery life
Chinese mobile giant Huawei has announced their new Honor Android smartphone, which they say can have 72 hour battery life on a single charge.

The Honor runs on Android 2.3.5, has a 4-inch screen, a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, a microUSB port and dual cameras.

Packing a 1900 mAh battery is what gives the phone its expected battery life.

The phone will be launched in China, Russia, the Middle East and markets in Asia-Pacific sometime in the next quarter.

Pricing was not revealed.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Sep 2011 10:15
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  • A5J4DX

    wow this is what we need

    26.9.2011 12:18 #1

  • KillerBug

    HTC should take the tip...I bought a crummy $20 battery from amazon as a backup in case of hurricane...and it lasts almost twice as long as the stock battery that came with my Sensation 4G. They don't even have to redesign the phones or anything...just use quality cells.

    26.9.2011 13:06 #2

  • snardos

    Notice they didn't say how thick it is? It's probably 10mm instead of 8. I would much rather have a phone that is thicker with good battery life than a thin one with bad battery life. My current phone is 13.5mm and not once have I thought that it might be too fat. I find the really thin phones more uncomfortable to hold.

    26.9.2011 19:41 #3

  • Hyasuma

    yea, HTC differently should take a hint for this

    26.9.2011 19:48 #4

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