OnLive giving away games for $1

OnLive giving away games for $1
Earlier this year, cloud gaming company OnLive started a challenge on its Facebook page.

If the company's Facebook page got 62,791 "likes," the company would offer every user one game for $1.

As of today, the number has been hit and OnLive is making good, with no fine print.

Any game in the library is yours (if you have an account) for $1, including newer games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

OnLive says new users can just log-in and have access to the cheap game while existing users will be sent a promo code.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Oct 2011 1:05
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  • wiseguy0

    What does an account cost?

    23.10.2011 18:08 #1

  • Tazer247

    It's free to make an account.

    23.10.2011 18:48 #2

  • 21Q

    I didn't realize it was only ONE game... I alrady have Deus EX too aha. I should read more carefully....

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    23.10.2011 19:52 #3

  • LordRuss

    Still... This , 'cloud', caca... I mean we are already getting feedback from the movie industry about the glorious escapades of the Ultraviolet idea starting its plight down the tubes. How long before the folks of this console(?) see their hard earned cash go the way of the dodo when this company crashes as well & there's no way of getting their games out to play on another system?

    23.10.2011 22:59 #4

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