Logitech would back Google TV again, but more cautiously

Logitech would back Google TV again, but more cautiously
Logitech, which saw a massive loss due to its failed Revue set-top box has said it would back Google TV again, but would be much more cautious this time around.

CEO Guerrino de Luca admits the company was far too bullish on the technology when it launched the box, overinvesting at a time when it was still unclear whether the technology would be widely embraced.

Google TV allows users to stream videos and access sites and apps via their TVs using a set-top box and impressive keyboard. Media companies have mostly blocked access to their streaming sites via Google TV, however, making the service useless in its current form.

Adds the CEO (via Reuters):

Google TV is a great concept, but the product was not mature at the launch.. [however] embracing the platform was a good idea.

The company has dropped the price of the box from $299 to $99 and has seen stronger sales as Google has upgraded the firmware to Android 3.2 Honeycomb.

Logitech will take a $90 million loss on its Google TV expenditure and its attempt to revamp European retail operations.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Nov 2011 15:18
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  • Caballo911 (unverified)

    I say fire the Logitech CEO for abandoning the Logitech Revue. It upsets me greatly that they have abandoned their most loyal customers. This is a good technology. The Android 3 Honeycomb OS gives the existing hardware new life. If the existing hardware is too expensive, maybe logitech could have switched from an Arm processor to a cheaper processor.

    18.11.2011 20:23 #1

  • strykertc

    I agree, good technology but, Logitech has been known for years to fail at certain products to include keeping their drivers working with both Mac and Windows. Take for example "SetPoint" for their gaming mouses. Terrible software. Hopefully they can get someone in there that can turn that company around before they fold up.

    22.11.2011 10:44 #2

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