Opera 11.60 released with HTML 5 improvements

Opera 11.60 released with HTML 5 improvements
Opera 11.60 released.

The Opera browser has been updated for the Windows, Mac and Linux. Opera v11.60 brings improvements to the HTML 5 rendering engine, using less memory and loading secure web sites faster.

It also includes updates for the built-in mail client in the browser, with a refreshed design and new group messaging added.

The address field in the browser has been updated to provide search suggestions as you type, like you see in the Google Chrome browser, and a new quick shortcut for adding websites to your "speed dial" selection in the web browser.

Download Opera v11.60 for Windows here.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Dec 2011 18:33
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  • dbminter

    If it still hijacks image file extensions like the last few iterations, then, no thanks. I do NOT install a web browser just to have it steal image extensions with NO way of not selecting it.

    9.12.2011 12:52 #1

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