Watch out, on Tuesday you won't be able to play some of your retail Ubisoft games

Watch out, on Tuesday you won't be able to play some of your retail Ubisoft games
Starting on Tuesday, gaming developer Ubisoft will begin to move its data from one third-party server farm to a new farm, thus killing the ability of some legitimate gamers to play their purchased games.

As AfterDawn has reported repeatedly, Ubisoft is one of a couple of companies who employs an "always-connected" DRM, which means you must always be connected to the Internet to play their games.

While online play will be down for mostly all Ubisoft games until the migration is done, games with the DRM like "the Mac OS X version of the original Assassin's Creed, however, will be completely unplayable, as will the OSX version of Splinter Cell: Conviction and the PC versions of Might and Magic: Heroes VI and Tom Clancy's HAWX 2," says Joystiq.

Yes, that means even the single player versions of the games will be unplayable. Pirates will be able to play the games, however.

There is no accurate timetable for the migration.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 4 Feb 2012 14:31
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  • hikaricor

    Ever need a reason to never buy from Ubisoft again?

    4.2.2012 17:01 #1

  • elbald90

    hmmm this will help stop piracy im sure

    4.2.2012 18:38 #2

  • DDR4life

    Originally posted by elbald90: hmmm this will help stop piracy im sure Yep, I'm convinced. I can practically see the drop in piracy. Lol.

    Really, Ubisoft? Really?

    5.2.2012 01:54 #3

  • blueboy09

    Well you just lost a lot of customers with this stunt. Piracy will always be a contentment with developers, but what about the gamers who are innocent and actually pay legally your game? Do they have to suffer as well? You are not doing yourself any favors by doing this Ubisoft. Your turning away the very customers who come to play your games because they want to play and not hack them like a 30-year-old locked in his parent's basement simply because he can't find a job that suits him!

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    5.2.2012 09:48 #4

  • leglessoz

    Oh yeah, this is a real working anti-piracy method in action. Proper registered games - no sorry can't play them. Hacked pirated games - sure no problem. Another reason I wouldn't buy one of their games.

    5.2.2012 10:18 #5

  • SuckRaven

    Lol. The sheep and the ignorant, or simply those with morals will get shafted as always. Thanks Ubisoft. Thanks a lot. =)


    6.2.2012 01:12 #6

  • megadunderhead

    ha ha ha ha ha ha i love the caption pirates will still be able to play there games

    12.2.2012 21:15 #7

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