Macs still widely infected by Flashback Trojan

Macs still widely infected by Flashback Trojan
Dr. Web, the Russian firm which first broke the story of the Flashback botnet running rampant on Macs, has said this weekend that the infection is not shrinking as claimed, and is instead growing.

Several security companies, like Kaspersky and Symantec, had claimed this week that the botnet is shrinking but Dr. Web says that number is still around 650,000, at least.

Symantec, makers of Norton, confirmed Dr. Web's figures later in the day despite their earlier miscalculation. On Wednesday, Symantec said the botnet had shrunk by 60 percent to 140,000 machines infected, while Kaspersky said 30,000. After discussions, Symantec had this to say: "We've been talking with them about the discrepancies in our numbers and theirs. We now believe that their analysis is accurate, and that it explains the discrepancies."

Apple has already patched the Java vulnerability that led to the exploit and is working on a "Flashback removal tool" to help those already infected.

The systems are infected with BackDoor.Flashback.39 "after a user is redirected to a bogus site from a compromised resource or via a traffic distribution system." JavaScript code will then be run with the exploit. There are still thousands of compromised web-pages.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 22 Apr 2012 0:57
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  • blueboy09

    Once again, Apple is NOT as powerful as they may seem. Its only a matter of time before they would break it. Not everything is unbreakable.

    Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

    22.4.2012 10:04 #1

  • LordRuss

    Sounds to me like Apple folks aren't buying in to the anti virus software preventative measure as the PC crowd has. What level is 'denial'? I'm thinking they may have indeed tackled the virus, but the users just keep going back like 'god spawned' lemmings & keep re-infecting their machines.

    You know, grandma keeps hitting the same damned banner that you told her not to cause it keeps telling her she won the trip to Jamaica.

    I mean, the PC folk have for the most part learned to avoid certain things & culturally become skeptical of something that just has to jump, bounce, sparkle & dance with every primary color against a harsh contrasted background so as to dazzle you into touching it. It's like your device has to be a continuous sideshow freak.

    I'm trying not to damn Apple here again, but in one way I'm saying their users need to grow up in the software scene as they truly have come into a new junction in their evolution. As I said in a previous statement...

    Welcome to popularity... You have now drawn the proper attention to start having virus' written especially for you. You'd better get used to it. It's not going away. It's only going to get worse.

    22.4.2012 11:24 #2

  • GryphB

    I think it's fine for Apple and it's user base to be smacked with these. It'll put a damper to their arrogance.

    22.4.2012 11:58 #3

  • TBandit

    Thinking Apple was invincible should tell you how genius the userbase is

    22.4.2012 14:31 #4

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