Black Ops II pre-orders setting records

Black Ops II pre-orders setting records
Call of Duty Black Ops II is beating day-one pre-orders for its predecessors.

In fact, the game had 10 times as many day one orders than the original Black Ops I, which was released in 2010. Furthermore, the game is beating out last year's record shattering Modern Warfare 3 by 30 percent.

The game is set for release on November 13th.

Activision Publishing chief Eric Hirshberg noted earlier in the year that he believes the "next Call of Duty will bring meaningful innovation to the series." The exec did not elaborate further but the series has seen some user criticism recently from those who think the series is a lot of "the same" just with a new name and new maps.

2011's Modern Warfare 3 was an unequivocal success, bringing in over $1 billion in sales in just 16 days.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 3 May 2012 23:35
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    I'd like to see a change in the series. Other than a damn crossbow. SSDD


    4.5.2012 02:33 #1

  • ROMaster2

    Oh look, more of the same game.

    4.5.2012 09:40 #2

  • Ryder187 (unverified)

    Originally posted by ROMaster2: Oh look, more of the same game. HA HA!!! More of the same game.... EA has done that with the sports franchise for years and now people are begining to complain because another company does the same? Quit whinning, buy the game and enjoy getting a noob tube where the sun doesn't shine.

    4.5.2012 11:34 #3

  • bhetrick

    Quote:"next Call of Duty will bring meaningful innovation to the series." As in not using an ancient engine?

    4.5.2012 12:28 #4

  • 3rdgen

    I just got the first one 2 months ago for $13. I have never paid over $30 for a game but this one I might have to wait less time for it to come down in price. Or maybe get MW3. It has to come down (again) next. So I am not going to vote. Will get it but wont pay over $60 for it. Maybe if I had any kind of internet speed. Its not much fun walking around a corner and people shooting me before I can even see them. Even with that I managed a decent record and got to prestige 5 times before I quit. Im not going to lie. .500G plays a huge part in why I dont buy a lot of things I would like to buy.

    Hey take it easy

    4.5.2012 12:36 #5

  • A5J4DX

    no suprise people will kill for anything

    4.5.2012 15:02 #6

  • brockie

    if they release it on Vita I will get it.

    4.5.2012 15:33 #7

  • oneguy

    I'll get it after it's a little old and being re-released with a bundle of map packs because I remember I was so pissed buying the first black ops. And then as map packs were coming out I was adding it up and black ops with map packs became the most expensive game I ever bought. So I'm definitely not gonna pre order this piece of crap. Because I'd rather get tom clancys future soldier imo.

    5.5.2012 04:14 #8

  • CarpeSol

    If people would stop buying this garbage they might actually have to make something new.

    6.5.2012 01:28 #9

  • 3rdgen

    Originally posted by CarpeSol: If people would stop buying this garbage they might actually have to make something new. Have you seen anything other then the trailer for BO2? Can not tell much from the trailer. They dont even shoe multiplayer action on the trailer. I never played BO1 any other way.

    Hey take it easy

    6.5.2012 02:40 #10

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