GameStop removing PSP inventory from stores

GameStop removing PSP inventory from stores
PSP being phased out by GameStop in U.S.

GameStop has confirmed that it is removing PlayStation Portable (PSP) inventory from the smallest 25 percent of stores, in an effort to consolidate supply.

"The consolidation is occurring to maximize the merchandising space in the smallest 25 percent of stores," the chain confirmed. "It will also provide a greater assortment in those stores that will continue to carry the category."

GameStop will continue to sell PSP titles online, and inventory will stay at larger stores throughout the U.S. for now.

The launch of the PlayStation Vita handheld in the U.S. market will probably kill off a lot of remaining demand for PSPs and games on UMD. PS Vita has no UMD drive, instead requiring that all games be purchased digitally.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 11 May 2012 21:37
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  • Facelord (unverified)

    "PS Vita has no UMD drive, instead requiring that all games be purchased digitally"

    The Vita has a cartridge drive, most of my Vita games were purchased at retail. Very few Vita games at the moment AREN'T released at retail. Every Vita game that releases at retail will be available on the PSN store, but, again, most are released at retail. :/

    11.5.2012 22:29 #1

  • rwvolkl158

    I'm guessing what they meant is that to play any original PSP games you must download them from PSN because the Vita has no UMD drive to play your older games.

    Obviously as Facelord said the Vita games are by and large released to retail along with PSN.

    12.5.2012 10:05 #2

  • LordRuss

    And for those folks who still have the UMD drives, you're welcome to hit up your favorite pawn shops in hopes of not being sodomized by this recent news. Not that GameStop hadn't been taking advantage of folks with their position for years...

    I can only assume that if Vita allows its users to download the older games to its platforms, will it allow the older platforms to do the same? This may sound to be a redundantly simple question, but I haven't owned a PSP for years & my pawn shop will probably be in the dark as well.

    12.5.2012 13:41 #3

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