Google close to buying Meebo?

Google close to buying Meebo?
Google is on the verge of acquiring the Meebo social and messaging service.

If accurate, the price tag could be as high as $100 million, say reliable sources.

The company was created in 2005 as an instant messaging add-on for browsers and has been expanded to a "full suite" of social and mobile apps. More importantly, the apps are available to consumers and publishers, each with the intention of making online communication easier.

Meebo Messenger, a variant of the original add-on, still exists today. The company is currently creating a tool to "create an interest profile to get new and timely information about the things that matter to you."

The company has raised over $60 million in venture capital since its inception.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 May 2012 21:51
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