Microsoft shoots down rumor of own Windows Phone

Microsoft shoots down rumor of own Windows Phone
Microsoft has shot down the rumors that it is looking into creating its own branded smartphone.

The rumors were started by Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund, who said Microsoft was looking into ways to make their own smartphone. The device would be used to boost the presence of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system, said the analyst.

This week, Greg Sullivan, the senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, was asked if the company had a branded strategy in which he responded, "No. We do not."

Microsoft recently unveiled their own branded tablet, the Surface, at an event last week which was a mystery even to Microsoft's closest partners until just days before.

The tablets will run on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro, and be released when the new operating systems are launched, likely in October.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Jun 2012 19:50
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  • bobiroc

    I think they should do it. Set a quality and feature standard and make the other WindowsPhone makers step up to the plate.

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