Twitter reaches 500 million users

Twitter reaches 500 million users
Analytics firm Semiocast has reported this week that Twitter has surpassed the 500 million user account milestone.

Despite the large number, only 170 million of those accounts are active.

To be "active," the account must have been modified sometime in the last three months, including adding a new follow or making a tweet. Even changing your avatar qualifies you. Says the company: "We believe this is close to a monthly login rate."

Perhaps more importantly, the milestone figure does not include spam accounts, which Twitter has recently been deleting en masse.

Interestingly, most Twitter users (75.4 percent) use the Twitter's "own access points," including the native Twitter apps and TweetDeck. 27.6 percent of all activity comes from Twitter's desktop apps and through the browser site while 61 percent comes from mobile clients on all platforms.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Aug 2012 20:59
Twitter 500 million clients active
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  • hearme0

    Originally posted by orionhunter1986: Lot's of spam really, it would be accurate if they delete inactive accounts but glad to hear it is still hitting 100 million+. 500M would have been groundbreaking but hey, this will be within reach in the future years since twitter is just getting better in its features. I'm amazed! Nonsense, useless, brain-damaging means of communicating. Twitter revolves around celebs and anyone that follows celebs close enough to where they know their every tweet should be exiled!

    Only a small percent make up the legitimate, useful parts of this stupid technology. I give Twitter 7 more years and then it's MySpace-bound.

    2.8.2012 03:24 #1

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