New uTorrent gets ads

New uTorrent gets ads
uTorrent, the most popular free torrent client, will now get ads as BitTorrent Inc. looks to pay its hefty bills.

Until this week, users had the option to install a sponsored toolbar during the installation process, but now whether you install it or not you will be hit with ads in the form of "featured torrents."

These featured torrents will range from software to music, games and movies.

Content creators will offer the legal torrents (the price they pay was not disclosed), and BitTorrent says they will also use the space to highlight anything new from the company, including new software or updates to specific features.

If you paid for the $25 uTorrent Plus version of the software, you will not see the ads.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Aug 2012 12:15
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  • Bozobub

    ...Annnnd a client dies.

    The last version worth anything was 2.2.1, anyhow. C'est la vie.

    12.8.2012 16:13 #1

  • Ripper

    Quote:The last version worth anything was 1.6, anyhow. FYP

    12.8.2012 16:51 #2

  • DVDBack23

    Yep, I actually still use 1.6..before BitTorrent bought em up.

    12.8.2012 18:38 #3

  • elitepunk

    2.2.1 was last good...

    12.8.2012 18:46 #4

  • ivymike

    I can handle ads for torrents on the side.....As long as it's spyware-free, I'll continue to use uTorrent. IF, by any chance, uTorrent starts bombarding me with targeted 3rd party ads unrelated to torrents, then I'll make the switch.

    12.8.2012 21:42 #5

  • Bozobub

    The main problem, ivymike, is that folks have already reported DNS-changing malware hiding in these ads. No freakin' sale.

    Recent versions of uTorrent have already gone down the Azureus/Vuze rabbit-hole of bloat; there's absolutely no reason to continue to use uTorrent's newest versions.

    This kind of crap is exactly what everyone was afraid of, when BitTorrent bought uTorrent.

    12.8.2012 21:54 #6

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