Report: YouTube not included in Google's anti-piracy algorithm update

Report: YouTube not included in Google's anti-piracy algorithm update
According to a report from SEL, Google's recent decision to update its search algorithms to demote sites that promote piracy will not affect their YouTube video-sharing platform.

Google's new policy will push sites down in search results if they have received tons of "valid copyright removal notices." YouTube is well-known to receive thousands of copyright removal notices per year, and is likely in the top 5 sites in the world in such notices.

However, despite that title, it seems the new move will not affect the site. SEL says 'flagging supposedly illegal content on most sites involves using an online process that starts on a page labeled "Removing Content From Google," whereas flagging content on YouTube involves using the video site's baked-in "Copyright Center."'

The removal requests Google takes into account will be through the Removing Content page, not through YouTube's proprietary Copyright Center.

Google responded: "We're treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings. That said, we don't expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content sites."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Aug 2012 12:44
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