Analyst: Microsoft to sell 3 million Surface RT tablets this year

Analyst: Microsoft to sell 3 million Surface RT tablets this year
IDC analyst Bob O'Donnell has said this week that Microsoft plans to sell 3 million ARM-based Surface tablets this year, a strong figure considering it is a new product and will not launch until late October.

The company is releasing its first ever tablet built for ARM processors, on October 26th.

Microsoft will not release its Intel/AMD-based Surface until early 2013.

For comparison's sake, Apple sold 17 million iPads last quarter, and Amazon sold 5 million Kindle Fire in the popular holiday quarter of last year.

Although rumored at a $199 price point, most believe it will likely launch at $299, if not higher.

For more information on the Surface, check here: Microsoft unveils Surface

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Aug 2012 18:13
Microsoft tablet Sales ARM surface 3 million Surface RT
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  • KillerBug

    They better start selling them quick, only a matter of time before Apple sues them for using a rounded rectangle.

    26.8.2012 02:48 #1

  • DDR4life

    /\ Agreed.

    26.8.2012 18:47 #2

  • Ripper

    HP Touchpad, anyone?

    26.8.2012 19:09 #3

  • 1nsan3

    i cant wait to get one of these NOT.

    Lol i seen a guy in town the other day taking pictures with an Ipad, or some ASTRONOMICAL HUGE TABLET lol. damn that was funny. i would never own any tablet, it just screams FAGGIT! lol
    Or i want everyone to know i have a HUGE tablet.
    are u really gonna sit on a bench in the park and do your business on it, or check out freakbook and see who dropped the larges turd on facebook. mine as well toot around a 32" flatscreen touchscreen lol

    27.8.2012 21:54 #4

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