Sharp in talks to produce ultrabook displays

Sharp in talks to produce ultrabook displays
Sharp is in talks to produce LCD panels for ultrabooks, a move that would help the struggling company with its current cash crunch.

The company has seen its fortunes turn as its TV business has slowed to a crawl. By moving to smaller displays, the company hopes for a revival.

Intel, the backer of the ultrabook standard, is said to be attracted to "Sharp's technology for small and midsize LCD panels."

More specifically, Intel is interested in "IGZO display," technology that is thin, consumes less power than traditional LCDs, can have very high resolutions and also requires less backlighting.

Intel may even be looking to buy a large share (over 5 percent) of Sharp, becoming its largest shareholder and tying its investment to the company's performance.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Sep 2012 19:33
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