Google: 700,000 Android apps now available

Google: 700,000 Android apps now available
Android catches up with Apple, reports say.

BusinessWeek is reporting that Google confirmed there are now 700,000 applications available for Android devices, though Google doesn't seem to have officially announced the figure at this time.

Reaching the 700,000 milestone means that Android has caught up to the app tally for iOS devices, which is an area that Apple has held an edge for some time. Reports recently have shown that there is more investment going into Android app development, while investment in iOS apps is stagnating.

Apple had also announced last week that 700,000 apps were now available from the App Store, during the iPad mini launch event.

The rivalry between Google and Apple was on display in the past week, with court judgements, new tablets and so forth, and then Microsoft also jumped into the ring with the Windows 8 launch on Friday, and Windows Phone 8 yesterday.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 30 Oct 2012 13:44
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