Pirate Bay ban in Finland is upheld by court

Pirate Bay ban in Finland is upheld by court
Finnish ISP failed to have ban struck down.

ISP Elisa took on the copyright lobby in Finland, seeking to overturn a ban on the Pirate Bay websites in the country, but the Supreme Court decided today that the ban on the notorious BitTorrent websites should stay in place.

The Pirate Bay is now banned officially in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Finland.

Elisa is one of only a few ISPs in Europe who have decided to fight orders to ban the website. In Ireland, for example, the largest ISP Eircom does ban the Pirate Bay, but UPC in the country went to court to resist the order, and won.

In the UK, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) is now seeking a ban on three more sites; Fenopy, H33t and Kickass Torrents. It hopes that bans on sites that offer pirate content (or links to it) can be sped up compared to the many months it took to force ISPs to block the Pirate Bay.

Digital rights and advocacy groups are crying foul on the growing trend in Europe.

"Web blocking does not seem to be reducing infringement but is aligning copyright industries with a policy of censorship. It is encouraging further calls of censorship and financing enhanced censorship technologies. Web censorship needs to be resisted and rolled back," said Jim Killock, chairman of the Open Rights Group.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 30 Oct 2012 13:29
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  • Qliphah

    I'd never even heard of Fenopy or H33t, thanks anti-piracy organizations for giving these wonderful sites free advertising!

    30.10.2012 14:07 #1

  • DDR4life

    Originally posted by Qliphah: I'd never even heard of Fenopy or H33t, thanks anti-piracy organizations for giving these wonderful sites free advertising! Agreed. Should I require other torrent sites to check out, I'll be sure to give these a try.

    With Demonoid gone, TPB is my default torrent site. When I don't see what I'm searching for on The Bay, then I scour other torrent sites. I knew about Fenopy, but I will admit that I hadn't heard of h33t. But that's ok. Now that I know, it will go on my list ;-)

    Oh, by the by, I like to keep under my virtual torrent rock to avoid sunburn. Lol

    31.10.2012 04:22 #2

  • hearme0

    Never heard of H33t???

    Man......you both have been living under a virtual Torrent rock. I can see not having heard of Fenopy but H33t??? They are among the top 5 uploaders of ANYTHING.

    Try www.torrentz.eu That's what I use and isohunt.com too. First one is better as it searches others sites like Fenopy, H33t and TPB

    As for blocking The Pirate Bay..... www.anonymouse.org

    31.10.2012 14:07 #3

  • bogwart16

    Quote: Try www.torrentz.eu In the past few weeks Torrentz has removed a lot of search results in compliance with EUCD/DMCA requests. Films like Expendables 2 are not available except foreign versions.

    All they're doing is providing links to torrent sites and aggregators - like Google - but I guess it's their necks on the line.

    So far I haven't seen any TV programmes being affected.

    We once had a empire and it was led by an emperor then we had a kingdom which was led by a king. Now we have a country.

    1.11.2012 10:10 #4

  • Dariusm (unverified)

    All you need to unblock The Pirate Bay: proxybay.info

    1.11.2012 23:07 #5

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