'Angry Birds' soda beats out Coke and Pepsi in Finland

'Angry Birds' soda beats out Coke and Pepsi in Finland
Finnish company Rovio, the makers of the Angry Birds franchise, recently released their own soda in the nation.

According to new reports, the soda is more popular in the Finnish market than behemoths Coke and Pepsi, outselling both this month.

Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka added that the soda will soon be available in new countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

The source says the soda "tastes a bit like Lilt but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples."

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Nov 2012 11:32
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  • 1nsan3

    omg,,, good keep it in those countrys.. haha
    pretty soon gangman style ( however the hell ya spell it ) will want there own soda pop!

    25.11.2012 21:06 #1

  • GaymanStyle (unverified)

    GayMan style you mean.

    25.11.2012 23:23 #2

  • xboxdvl2

    hmmm i drink softdrinks.pepsi is a joke,seriously taste too flat.for standard cola i would go with coca-cola.i been trying a range of imported drinks from local supermarket.tryed cherry coke,cherry 7up and cherry dr pepper and they have a whole range of imported drinks some i havnt heard of.wonder how long until they get angry birds,i would try it but seriously dont know if it would be anygood.
    think sometimes its a brand name that sells and not actual taste.

    i have the big screen tv,a ps3 and im gonna surround sound to go with it soon hopefully.car still runs smooth and computer still works but its a bit outdated.

    26.11.2012 02:34 #3

  • omegaman7

    Boy, I'm really surprised. Friggin sheeple will buy anything with an angry bird face LOL! That said, I happen to like Angry birds :S

    Star Trek High Definition is only possible while theyre receiving return for their efforts. Pirate Star Trek, and their efforts will have no choice but to cease :(

    2.12.2012 22:58 #4

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