Google: We didn't kill that donkey

Google: We didn't kill that donkey
Somewhat ridiculously, the Internet was ablaze this week after a report surfaced that Google had killed a donkey with one of their Street View cars.

This is one of the images in question:

Google has settled the story, claiming that the sequence was taken in reverse, and the donkey is just fine.

Check the real sequence of images:

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Jan 2013 23:44
Google street view donkey
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  • wheatking

    Insert "Donkey Punch" joke <here>...........

    17.1.2013 16:46 #1

  • bogwart16

    Maybe it was the reincarnated Steve Jobs. If there's any justice...

    We once had a empire and it was led by an emperor then we had a kingdom which was led by a king. Now we have a country.

    18.1.2013 19:16 #2

  • voyager

    eMule or Edonkey?

    18.1.2013 19:29 #3

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