Microsoft almost bought Sega before building Xbox itself

Microsoft almost bought Sega before building Xbox itself
According to a former exec, Microsoft had strongly considered buying Sega before deciding to build the Xbox console by itself.

Joachim Kempin,the former vice president of Windows Sales at Microsoft, had this to say: "There were three companies at that point in time, I think this was [Sony,] Sega and Nintendo. There was always talk maybe we buy Sega or something like that; that never materialized. We were actually able to license them what they call Windows CE, the younger brother of Windows, to run on their system and make that their platform [for the Dreamcast]."

Kempin spent 20 years at the company, and says former CEO Bill Gates got into the hardware business just to stop Sony from dominating the market.

In regards to Sega, Kempin adds "[Gates] didn't think that Sega had enough muscle to eventually stop Sony so we did our own Xbox thing."

Sega sold 10.6 million Dreamcast in three years, compared to 24 million Xboxs sold before Microsoft released the Xbox 360.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 8 Feb 2013 19:27
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  • A5J4DX

    would have been interesting

    8.2.2013 21:18 #1

  • molsen

    I think Sega would have been a good move for M$. I thought original Sega and genesis was a good console. Never got into dream cast though. Heck, I still like playing Coleco Vision now and then.

    9.2.2013 09:32 #2

  • xboxdvl2

    as a kid i borrowed a sega genesis from a m8 for a weekend and it was decent back in the early 90s.the dream cast had the best graphics from all the sega's but it was boring.

    i have the big screen tv,a ps3 and 5.1 channel surround still runs smooth and computer still works but its a bit outdated.

    9.2.2013 20:47 #3

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