MEGA accepts Bitcoin, will expand to secure e-mail, chat & voice, video and mobile

MEGA accepts Bitcoin, will expand to secure e-mail, chat & voice, video and mobile
Kim Dotcom has said that his MEGA cloud storage service will expand to other areas where privacy is needed, and that the service will now accept bitcoin.

He revealed the details on Twitter during the weekend. He said that MEGA would take payment in the form of Bitcoin through reseller Bitvoucher, which will be good news for enthusiasts of the central bank-less online currency.

Mega, he said, will also expand into "secure e-mail, chat & voice, video and mobile", and described Mega as "The Privacy Company."

Earlier, he had tweeted that GMail, iCloud and Skype have to provide secret and untraceable NDA backdoors to all of your data, and said you should never host anything on a U.S.-based service, because "the US govt says if you do they can extradite you."

Written by: James Delahunty @ 19 Feb 2013 21:22
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  • Tarsellis

    Get into VPN with a NON PUBLIC certificate. Preferably one I can generate and upload securely, and I'm on board. Almost don't care the price.

    As is, VPNs are useless. Modern firewalls hardware decrypt all your traffic, no matter the vpn or encryption protocols. Apparently using the excuse of public keys and certificate makes it okay for them to break encryption laws and for your ISP and the US Gov't perform man in the middle attacks on all your data.

    On that note, what good is all of Mega's security? Anywhere along the path that your data travels between you and mega it's got a chance to be captured and decrypted, with nothing you can do, and no evidence you can see.

    22.2.2013 14:22 #1

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