'Arrested Development' will not get second Netflix season

'Arrested Development' will not get second Netflix season
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said today that Arrested Development will not be getting a second season with the streaming service.

The exec says the comedy was revived under "unrepeatable circumstances."

Starting next month, Netflix will stream 14 episodes of the cult classic comedy that was cancelled by Fox after three seasons and low viewership in 2006.

"Arrested is a unique property, we don't anticipate being able to do season five, six and seven," Hastings added. "We have less of a stake in it. It is really a fantastic one-off, which is coming together incredibly. I think it will be amazing for us, but think of it as a nonrepeatable amazing, whereas the other thing that we are doing is to trying to figure out a real mechanism where we can build shows and develop franchises over the long term. In that way, Arrested Development is a wildly successful tactic, as opposed to fundamental to the strategy."

That being said, the company hopes to be able to produce future seasons.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Feb 2013 9:55
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  • Mr-Movies

    That crappy show went 3 seasons and Firefly gets canceled in 3 months? There is no justice there.

    28.2.2013 22:01 #1

  • Askar

    No doubt Mr-Movies, Firefly was the best show Joss Whedon ever did and it's a damn shame it didn't run at least as long as Buffy(which I also loved).

    2.3.2013 00:18 #2

  • s_c47

    Arrested Development is hilarious and many of it's jokes were not only multi-layered, but would come back from time to time, I suppose to reward those that watched and paid attention.

    Never saw Firefly, so I won't make any disparaging remarks about it.

    Someone told me once that theres a right and wrong, and that punishment would come to those
    who dare to cross the line.
    But it must not be true for jerk-offs like you.
    Maybe it takes longer to catch a total asshole.

    5.3.2013 02:49 #3

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