ARM co-founder: Intel needs to take an ARM license

ARM co-founder: Intel needs to take an ARM license
Robin Saxby, co-founder of ARM, has used this week's GSA Entrepreneurship Conference to try to extend an olive branch to major rival Intel.

ARM is the top designer of processor architecture used in almost all tablets and smartphones.

"As an ARM shareholder, I recommend Intel to take an ARM license and stop messing about," said Saxby.

Although Intel is the dominant force in the x86 architecture market, used in PCs, servers and workstations, it has yet to take a meaningful share of the low-power market with its Atom processors.

The main reason for this is that ARM architectures remain more power efficient, leading to better battery lives for devices.

"We had to turn our enemies into friends, the only enemy we have not turned into a friend is Intel," concluded Saxby.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Mar 2013 13:23
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