BT drops Yahoo as email provider following claims of hacking

BT drops Yahoo as email provider following claims of hacking
ISP BT will be moving all of its customers from Yahoo! after a decade of service following relentless claims of hacking and account abuse.

Customers have claimed that hackers have repeatedly taken control of their accounts and used them to send mass spam emails.

BT says now the accounts will begin to migrate within weeks and that the new system will "feature in-built anti-virus and anti-spam solutions."

Adds the company: "We will be switching customers' email over to BT Mail, which will include the features and functions they expect from a modern email service. We will be keeping our customers fully informed about what changes to expect and when they will be able to enjoy the new services."

All emails, folders and preferences will move over (as well as your original address), but users will likely be prompted to change their password.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Jun 2013 16:11
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  • Interestx

    Nice, all this just days before I finally go fibre with BT
    (76mb down 19mb up, Infinity 2).
    Happy days.

    2.6.2013 11:01 #1

  • megadunderhead

    Actually i find this funny because most spam is not comming from hacked accounts but peoples horney kids accessing porn sites which get the information from the web browsers cache settings

    2.6.2013 18:15 #2

  • ddp

    don't know about that as i have a few customers & a friend using rogers as their provider who uses yahoo & i've got weird email from them even tho they did not send it. 1 customer is even getting replies from email he did 2+ years ago now & it is not in his sent items in outlook. he is talking to rogers about that plus why the long delay in email sent to his wife in the same house but different computer.

    2.6.2013 18:53 #3

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