BitTorrent sets the record straight on piracy

BitTorrent sets the record straight on piracy
BitTorrent has attempted to clarify the position of the company and the BitTorrent protocol with regard to Internet piracy.

Responding to media reports about the piracy figures for the previous season of Game of Thrones, BitTorrent took to its blog to clarify something important; there is no "BitTorrrent Piracy Record," because that happens outside the BitTorrent ecosystem.

"We don't host infringing content. We don't point to it. It's literally impossible to illegally download something on BitTorrent," wrote BitTorrent's Matt Mason.

"To pirate stuff, you need more than a protocol. You need search, a pirate content site, and a content manager. We offer none of those things. If you're using BitTorrent for piracy, you're doing it wrong."

It's understandable that the company would react this way, given that it is a legitimate business providing legal content. Over two million pieces of licensed, legal content are available to download over the BitTorrent protocol.

While "Game of Thrones" has been touted as something of a champion in the Internet piracy scene, BitTorrent insists that the real Kind is a show called Epic Meal Time, which is legally available and boasts 8,626,987 downloads.

"That's nearly double the claimed downloads of the Game of Thrones finale," Mason wrote.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 26 Jun 2013 6:25
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  • joebloe12

    Who would be IDIOTIC enough to want this? That would be my question.

    26.6.2013 16:21 #1

  • pmshah

    Banning BitTorrent protocol is akin to banning ALL knives as these can be used in commit heinous crimes.

    How idiotic the US legislative members must be to go after so called piracy which only affects their campaign contributors, it at all, but can't even dream of banning weapons of mass social destruction like high capacity automatic weapons that affects the ENTIRE population. But then US politics is ONLY about money isn't it?

    1.7.2013 03:56 #2

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