iOS now installed on 74 percent of devices

iOS now installed on 74 percent of devices
According to Apple, 74 percent of iOS users are now running the latest iOS 7 operating system, a high figure given the the OS has only been available for less than three months.

In October, Apple reported the OS was installed on 64 percent of devices, so it appears adoption is growing and iPhone 5C/5S and iPad Air sales are strong.

The company has not revealed exact hardware sales figures since the new devices launched, but we will know next month with the company's quarterly earnings report.

iOS 6 is still on 22 percent of devices, with older versions still surviving on 4 percent of devices. Those numbers will likely not budge too far in the near future, as older devices may not be able to update to iOS 7 due to hardware limitations.

Apple's new and upcoming iOS 7.1 will tweak the software keyboard, tweak HDR photos and other stability and performance enhancements.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 6 Dec 2013 12:54
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  • cart0181

    Everyone I have talked to does not like iOS7. The unanimous complaint I have been hearing is that it slowed down the phone. I run iOS6, but I wish I could upgrade. I think it looks cool. (By that I mean adds features I would use).

    6.12.2013 19:50 #1

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