Intel dumps McAfee, rebranding to Intel Security

Intel dumps McAfee, rebranding to Intel Security
Intel will stop using the McAfee brand name through this year, distancing itself from the brand associated with controversial founder John McAfee.

The chipmaker announced at CES it would be rebranding products as "Intel Security" instead, and that it could take up to a year to make the switch. The McAfee company will survive as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel though.

John McAfee's antics probably prompted Intel to rebrand its products. In June 2013, John was featured in a video with instructions on how to remove McAfee Antivirus from your computer. Of course, the video was laced with guns, women, drugs and plenty of profanity, and ended with a permanent uninstall solution delivered with a gun.

What does John feel about this rebranding? He's ecstatic!

"I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users," he said, reports the BBC News website.

"My elation at Intel's decision is beyond words."

Video: How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus with John McAfee (CONTENT WARNING!)

Written by: James Delahunty @ 7 Jan 2014 7:29
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  • dEwMe

    Wow. Could this guy be any more of a train wreck? How is he not dead?

    Just my $0.02,


    7.1.2014 11:14 #1

  • SomeBozo

    I would argue John McAfee is a great example to show our kids the effect drugs have on people.

    8.1.2014 00:56 #2

  • xboxdvl2

    John Mcafee made a software which got brought from him and basically ruined so he has every right to be annoyed.
    Hes also has an insane amount of money and interesting lifestyle, hes eccentric i wont argue but i think he just has a different perspective on things i don't think hes completely insane.

    the ad is obviously over the top and cheeky, had it been a downright straight forward ad with some it nerd casually removing the software it would not be popular and it would not be all over the media and getting discussed on afterdawn and various other websites.

    custom built gaming pc from early 2010,ps2 with 15 games all original,ps3 500gbs with 5 games all original,yamaha amp and 5.1channel surround sound speakers,46inch sony lcd smart tv.

    8.1.2014 08:10 #3

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