U.S. Supreme Court to review Aereo case

U.S. Supreme Court to review Aereo case
The U.S. Supreme Court will review broadcasters case against Aereo, which transmits broadcast TV signals to Internet-connected devices.

Thus far, Aereo has survived in its legal tussle with U.S. broadcasters. The service uses tiny dime-sized antennas to pick up broadcast signals. It then allows users to sign up and use those antennas to watch broadcast TV from any support device, and also offers DVR functionality.

Broadcasters, including Fox, Comcast, CBS, ABC and Disney, have argued that Aereo violates copyright law by broadcasting signals without paying fees.

Aereo also urged the Supreme Court to review the case as it seeks legal clarity to move ahead with plans to expand its service to new areas.

The court will hear arguments from both sides in April and make a decision by July.

Written by: James Delahunty @ 12 Jan 2014 13:25
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