HTC confirms 'All New HTC One' name for latest device

HTC confirms 'All New HTC One' name for latest device
A couple of weeks after @evleaks revealed the name and was mocked by an overzealous "Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC," the name of the upcoming codename M8 device as been confirmed by the smartphone maker.

The device will officially launch on March 25th at joint events in NYC and London.

In a teaser trailer, the M8 is referred to as the "All New HTC One," so it appears the company is looking to keep the name of its past flagship while reflecting the updating features of the new device.

The new phone is expected to keep a similar design to the original One, including the UltraPixel camera.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Feb 2014 22:09
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  • heyjohn

    The HTC One is a great phone, and hopefully the new edition of it will be even better. However, the name "All new HTC One" is about as hopeless as it gets, right up there with the Nintendo Wii or the "LG G-Pro-Lite-Dual" (WTF)!
    I know HTC is a Taiwanese company, and I'm sure it can be difficult to navigate the subtleties of a foreign language or culture, but surely there would be a native English speaker somewhere in the company who could convince management that this name is a pathetic choice.
    If they are really that bereft of good ideas, they should have called it the HTC Two.

    28.2.2014 18:37 #1

  • hearme0

    This will be yet another nail in the coffin for HTC. I used to love them but not anymore. This phone is right on par with sucking just like all other phones out there. Not even 1 decent phone out there.

    3.3.2014 17:31 #2

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