AT&T slashes prices on some plans

AT&T slashes prices on some plans
Seeing increasing pressure from rival carrier T-Mobile, AT&T dropped the price of its family plans earlier in the year and has followed up that move by dropping the price for some of its individual and two-line plans.

Beginning this week, customers can get an individual plan with 2GB of shared data for $65 per month, down from the $80 it currently is. The plan you will need to purchase is the AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan, which means you are getting no subsidies for your smartphone but there is no 2-year contract.

T-Mobile has really turned the U.S. market on its head since last year, getting rid of contracts and device subsidies but offering plans with the most value for the buck, and extra features like free international roaming.

Verizon has made small price cuts, and Sprint continues to try to play catch-up by creating their "Framily" plans.

AT&T has also announced that it will give customers a one-time $100 credit for each new line of service, a nice introductory offer.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Mar 2014 20:40
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  • ZippyDSM

    Whenever they will let me buy a plan for no more than 30$ a month for talk/data I will get it. I am paying Verizon 15$ a month for talk and barely use it....

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    11.3.2014 09:21 #1

  • Mrguss

    With so much free Wi-Fi (a simple radio frequency) on most cities, I hope we will not have the need to give any money to this Scamer corporations for internet connection.
    On the another hand: there is a way to get free phones for talk.

    The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
    Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.

    11.3.2014 11:56 #2

  • joebloe12

    Well I am paying $51.00 a month with straight talk for talk text and internet....ALL UNLIMITED...better than even the cheapest plan AT&T offers!

    11.3.2014 20:34 #3

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