Google's updated Nexus 10 is 'coming soon'?

Google's updated Nexus 10 is 'coming soon'?
A strange development has occurred in Google's hardware Play Store.

If you are checking out the page for the old Nexus 10 (built by Samsung) underneath the price of the device are the words "coming soon" in regards to the shipping time.

The device has been discounted over the past few weeks at different retailers, with the expectation that Google was clearing out inventory ahead of a new announcement.

While the "coming soon" could just mean Google is waiting on a new shipment of the same tablet, there is hope that the oft-rumored second-generation Nexus 10 may be finally on the way. There have been rumors that Samsung, Asus or LG is building the tablet, which should feature high-end specs.

Check the page here.

Google Play Store Nexus 10

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 1 Apr 2014 20:08
Google Nexus 10
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