High fidelity PonoPlayer closes Kickstarter campaign at $6.2 million

High fidelity PonoPlayer closes Kickstarter campaign at $6.2 million
The Kickstarter-funded high-fidelity music player, Pono, has closed its campaign at $6.2 million raised, good for the third best campaign on the crowdfunding site, ever.

Launched by musician Neil Young, the device was offered in 31 different options, including players with artist's signatures laser engraved on the side and pre-loaded with the artist's music.

Still in prototype form, the device is expected to launch in October in its final retail form. "The art of engineering is the art of compromise," Pono said recently. "And when you have a chance to listen to the PonoPlayer, we promise that you will be more than happy with the choices we have made."

Pono Players will cost $399 when they launch at retail in October, but 100 lucky backers got it for $199 and all other Kickstarter backers could purchase it for $299.

What is Pono?

Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite music. We want to be very clear that PonoMusic is not a new audio file format or standard. PonoMusic is an end-to-end ecosystem for music lovers to get access to and enjoy their favorite music exactly as the artist created it, at the recording resolution they chose in the studio. We offer PonoMusic customers the highest resolution digital music available. PonoMusic is more than just a high-resolution music store and player; it is a grassroots movement to keep the heart of music beating. PonoMusic aims to preserve the feeling, spirit, and emotion that the artists put in their original studio recordings.

We are pursuing this vision by building a system for the entire music listening experience from the original master recordings to the PonoMusic.com Store to the portable PonoPlayer. So now you'll hear the nuances, the soft touches, and the ends on the echo the texture and the emotion of the music the artist worked so hard to create.

The device has two output jacks, one for headphones and a stereo mini-plug analog output for home audio. The Pono Music store offers music in FLAC with quality ranging from CD lossless quality recordings: 1411 kbps (44.1 kHz/16 bit) FLAC files all the way to Ultra-high resolution recordings: 9216 kbps (192 kHz/24 bit) FLAC files.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Apr 2014 17:37
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  • mightyzog

    While it sounds promising... I fear that to hit the already high price they are gonna have to have a smaller hard drive in this thing... And at the high bit rates they are promoting, this thing is only gonna hold about 3 albums at a time. Too bad specs weren't listed.

    I know my numbers are exaggerated so save the flamin spam.

    Just trying to make a point.... My iPod hold my entire 60 gig music collection.

    21.4.2014 10:11 #1

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