LulzSec informant Sabu led cyber attacks against Pakistan, Syria, others

LulzSec informant Sabu led cyber attacks against Pakistan, Syria, others
Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, reportedly led cyber attacks against Syria, Iran, Pakistan and possibly other nations.

Sabu, best known for turning on LulzSec and Anonymous as an FBI informant, also directed attacks against the Polish Embassy in England and Iraq's Ministry of Electricity, read the newly released court documents. At the time, Sabu was already an FBI informant, following his arrest for multiple high profile cases.

Intelligence firm Stratfor was among the most notable attacks, and Sabu's testimony was key in convicting hacker and activist Jeremy Hammond.

It remains unclear whether the attacks were part of a broad plan to entrap Anonymous hackers, as Sabu recruited plenty, or if the FBI (or other agencies) were directing attacks on other nations using the talented hacker.

New York Times

Pic via Ars

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Apr 2014 20:36
FBI Hacker sabu
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  • pmshah

    Fantastic. Just shows the hypocrisy of the US justice department. You can go screw foreign unfriendly governments but don't try it with home brewed and totally illegal activities.

    I am not sure but did Snowden actually reveal any secrets? It was more like revealing the general activities and agenda of the NSA and similar agencies. The US government has for all practical purposes issued a fatwa against Snowden. How would it respond if the affected foreign governments did the same against this hacker?

    Snowden should watch the latest episode of "The Good Wife" dealing with the very same subject.

    26.4.2014 02:46 #1

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