Sony: PlayStation 4 is top selling console for 10th straight month

Sony: PlayStation 4 is top selling console for 10th straight month
Sony has announced this week that their PlayStation 4 was once again the top selling console in the U.S., marking the 10th month in a row it has done so.

"October 2014 marks the first 12 months of sales for the Xbox One and PS4; and after the first year, these consoles have had a great start as cumulative sales are currently over 70 percent higher than the combined first year totals of Xbox 360 and PS3," said The NPD Group's analyst Liam Callahan. "Hardware sales of eighth generation consoles represent close to 80 percent of dollar sales this month driving overall consoles sales to increase by 186 percent over October 2013."

That streak is likely to end this month, however, as Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox One in November and the console (especially bundles) have been selling very quickly.

In addition, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and its bundles are expected to have pushed console sales for both major platforms.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Nov 2014 21:01
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  • DarthMopar

    Now how about a price drop to match Microsoft for the holidays?

    17.11.2014 19:03 #1

  • SoTired

    Multiple Black Friday ads are already showing the XBox One, with a game, for $329, while the PS4, with a game, is $399.

    Reports have already confirmed that the XBox One sold more than the PS4 in the two weeks since the price drop; that advantage should increase substantially going into the holidays, when most purchasers are parents whose primary consideration for a gaming system will be price.

    Sony played the console wars brilliantly until now, and they had just about made the lead insurmountable. But Sony made a huge mistake here, and it will be a close race again after the holiday.

    18.11.2014 01:03 #2

  • TrinUK

    Now how about some decent games?

    Trin - Making Digital Waves

    18.11.2014 05:23 #3

  • dEwMe

    Originally posted by TrinUK: Now how about some decent games?
    +1! Especially of the non FPS type.

    Just my $0.02,


    18.11.2014 15:24 #4

  • scorpNZ

    Anyone know how far ahead in sales the ps4 is at the mo

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    Console Mod Tuts:

    19.11.2014 22:14 #5

  • megadunderhead

    Ok here we go you need to read the fine print of your xbox one sales microsoft announced they sold 10 million xbox ones because of the price cut to retailers only not consumers and i am sad to say my mom who works in returns at a store i am not going to mention because we all hate em have seen xbox ones coming back because they have no backwards compatibility is the largest complaint and no upgradable internal hard drive is the other complaint

    20.11.2014 22:48 #6

  • qazwiz

    LOL i just saw the Big Bang Theory episode about this

    the comments here and the features of both like fixed vs removable (read expandable) hard drive and "lack of backwards compatibility" only reinforces my renaming of Microshit corp.

    qazwiz is qazwiz everywhere. If you see me say HI!

    21.11.2014 00:37 #7

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