Nintendo 3DS XL selling for $150 for a limited time

Nintendo 3DS XL selling for $150 for a limited time
You can get a $50 discount off the red, black and blue Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds, but the offer expires this weekend.

Best Buy is selling the red, black and blue 3DS XL models for $150, but the offer will expire on Saturday, December 13 so you may want to snap one up now if you're interested.

The offer is available in Best Buy stores, or alternatively you can take advantage of free shipping if you order one online.

GameSpot also notes that Best Buy is currently running a Buy 2 Get 1 deal on games that will also expire on December 13. The offer applies to any Xbox, PlayStation or PC titles, but it does not apply to Wii U, 3DS or PSVita, nor does it involve pre-orders.

Like the 3DS offer, you can take advantage of it in store or online.

via: GameSpot

Written by: James Delahunty @ 10 Dec 2014 13:27
Best Buy nintendo 3ds xl
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  • megadunderhead

    ha ha ha ha ha it doesn't apply to wii u games huh well guess what nintendo's not going to sell any games at best buy when i can go to gamestop and get two vita games for 20.00 and get 2 wii u games for 60.00 so i guess you missed out

    10.12.2014 20:09 #1

  • hearme0

    Grammar, punctuation, periods EVEN A COMMA MAN!

    I can barely make this mumbo jumbo gibberish out to determine your point.

    10.12.2014 20:59 #2

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