Merry Christmas: Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network are both down

Merry Christmas: Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network are both down
A group of hackers calling themselves the 'Lizard Squad' have taken down both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network today, denying gamers access to multiplayer gaming and other online downloads.

The Lizard Squad confessed to hitting both networks with DDoS attacks, and is using the attack to gain followers on Twitter. The group was asking for favorites and retweets to bring the networks back online, and have done so multiple times before shutting them down again.

Sony confirmed the service issue, but did not mention the DDoS. Microsoft did not acknowledge.

Whatever demands the group wanted, they do not appear to have been successful in getting what they wanted. "Lizard Squad" first issued the threat of taking down both networks on Christmas last week.

A rival group, "FinestSquad," has been working on getting Lizard Squad off Twitter, and is also giving advice to Sony and Microsoft on how to avoid the DDoS attack.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Dec 2014 17:17
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  • JGJD2001

    Well sony need all the help they can get, this caps a horrid year for them......good thing i was not into the gaming mood

    food and beer FTW :)

    Who Dare Wins

    25.12.2014 18:47 #1

  • megadunderhead

    You know what i find is funny with this is the fact that the next thing thats going to happen is the fact that there going to be put on a terrorist group watch list because denial of service attacks are considered a electronic terrorist attack which gets you a spot on the list enjoy that lovely gray paint when they decide to arrest you

    26.12.2014 07:19 #2

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