Check out the new sleek LG Watch Urbane in action

Check out the new sleek LG Watch Urbane in action
Earlier this week, LG teased their latest smartwatch, the Watch Urbane, easily one of the nicest looking smartwatches to date.

The all-metal device is available in gold or silver, and the default watch face is "as close to analog" as you will find on an Android Wear device.

LG also highlighted the band customizations in the small video.

To read more about what we know about the watch, read here.

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 24 Feb 2015 23:53
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  • DarthMopar

    Best looking smart watch so far...still, I have a hard time trying to justify one of these over a more traditional time piece at a similar price. My Citizen Skyhawk has served me well; 3 deployments + I wear it diving AND I wore it numerous times while soaking in the Dead Sea in Jordan. Still works like new....and I don't have to charge it every three days. haha

    24.2.2015 23:58 #1

  • ZippyDSM

    The only way I'd get one if it had HDMI mini output could handle 1080 60FPS films and have about 500GB of space. If I just used it for music it better have a battery life of a frakking week! And thats with a tiny LCD screen........ Phones need a power down state for running music only....

    Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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    25.2.2015 13:58 #2

  • hearme0

    Sooooo, it's a smart watch that simply has a digital display to LOOK LIKE an analogue display that allows users to change between 3 different styles???

    WTF is that!?!?!?!?!?!?

    It's digital so how about maybe 20-30 different transition styles?

    And where is the digital part, the interface part??'s a nice looking watch but it looks like an F'ing regular watch so WHO CARES!

    This crap like all other wearable, non-Fitbit crap will inevitably fail with only a small niche of people looking to keep this nonsense alive.

    25.2.2015 16:52 #3

  • Tarsellis

    Well done LG, finally a "smart" "watch" that doesn't look like crap and I wouldn't be ashamed to wear.

    Now, I still agree, I'm not paying for this tripe. I like my watch that last years on a single charge, is water proof to 300+ feet, highly impact and scratch resistant, and doesn't have to be turned on to display the time.

    I get everybody's trying to create a market, but the technology is nowhere near mature enough to interest me, nor most others. We'll stay away form this like the rest.

    2.3.2015 09:54 #4

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