Data confirms: Black Sport the most popular Apple Watch

Data confirms: Black Sport the most popular Apple Watch
A reserach company specializing in digital commerce, Slice Intelligence, has revealed their first date for Apple Watch purchases. The data is an estimate based on around nine thousands online customers and suggests that the Sport version of Apple Watch was the most popular as expected.

According to the data 957 000 Americans ordered an average of 1.3 Apple Watch products. 62 percent of the over one million Apple Watches were the cheaper Sport version. The average cost of the Apple Watch Sport was $382.83 and the stainless steel Apple Watch $707.04. The all around average spending was $503.83.

As much as 71 percept opted for the larger 42 mm version and the smaller 38mm case was more popular amongst the Sport byuers. The Black Sports Band was the most popular choice amongst both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sports buyers. Just over a half of the Apple Watches were bought with the Black Sports Band.

Slice also reported that approximately 48 000 of the recently announced new Macbooks were sold. A whopping 42 percent of whom also pre-ordered an Apple Watch.

Written by: Matti Robinson @ 13 Apr 2015 9:25
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  • Frogfart

    I've never met anyone with a smart watch and don't ever thing that I will in the near future. I think even Apple are worried and unsure about the launch as they want people to pre-order on line and not to be queuing outside their stores. It would be bad press if no crowds turned up for the big launch.

    13.4.2015 11:09 #1

  • aw2600

    I was shopping on the weekend and dropped into my local Apple store when I walked past. There were plenty of people looking at the sealed case of Apple Watches. I fiddled with one of the display models for a minute so that I could say that I tried one. I will admit that the build quality seems solid. I couldn't really figure out the UI completely.

    An employee asked me, "Have you picked out the one that you want?" I was going to ask if the Watch would work with my Android phone but decided to be polite and say, "Just looking".

    I have no doubt that Apple will sell a bunch of these things. I'll wait patiently for a watch with more functionality and a lower price. I'll give it several years at least.

    13.4.2015 16:01 #2

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