Nokia: No we do not want to build phones again

Nokia: No we do not want to build phones again
Nokia has denied recent reports that the company was preparing to reenter the phone manufacturing business.

"Nokia notes recent news reports claiming the company communicated an intention to manufacture consumer handsets out of a R&D facility in China. These reports are false," Nokia said. "Nokia reiterates it currently has no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets."

That quote is about as strong of a categorical denial as you can get, but for Nokia fans not all may be lost just yet. The company did suggest the Nokia brand could return as part of smartphone brand licensing, meaning OEMs could build devices and stick the Nokia name on it for added recognition.

Additionally, Nokia's sales agreement with Microsoft forbids them from entering the mobile phone business until 2016.

Nokia via Reuters

Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 26 Apr 2015 9:43
Nokia smartphone manufacturing
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  • hearme0

    Well what the Hell do they make now???

    27.4.2015 11:33 #1

  • KillerBug

    Originally posted by hearme0: Well what the Hell do they make now??? I was a bit curious on that as well so I went to their website...where the first big thing is an advert for "Lumia and Nokia phones". A bit of digging and I found they make a mapping app that is less popular than Google, Apple, or Microsoft (they really know what battles to pick!). They seem to have tablets, but I'm not sure how long that can last without phones. They also make hardware for cell providers apparently. They also have a ton of patents sitting around collecting royalties.

    27.4.2015 15:29 #2

  • gr8t1

    I am not really a "techie" I never even had the opurtunity to take typing when I went to high school. I just learned myself. I dont have a tablet just a desktop and I make movies and vcds and so on from downloading. but the very 1st cell phone I bought was a tracfone made by NOKIA. that was the best cell phone as far as just making calls and texting I ever had. the battery lasted for weeks and it had a range that todays phones couldnt get close to. unfortunately I dropped it and it broke about 2 years ago. but for 8 years at least it worked great.

    27.4.2015 15:58 #3

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