'Batman: Arkham Knight' for PC is riddled with issues

'Batman: Arkham Knight' for PC is riddled with issues
While its console counterpart is flooded with great reviews, 'Batman: Arkham Knight' has seen a steady stream of negative reports for the PC version.

Users across stream, Reddit and other media have complained about lag, stuttering, frame rate fluctuations, bugs, crashes and even memory leaks.

AMD GPU card users seen to be having the most issues, but even Nvidia GTX 980 ($500 card) users have complained, showing the problems are widespread. Developer Rocksteady did note that "there are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards," and that it is "working closely with AMD to rectify these issues as quickly as possible."

Shockingly, some users reported FPS falling to 5 during gameplay using AMD cards. For the time being, it appears that Rocksteady is working on it, but it will be a bumpy ride for PC owners.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Jun 2015 22:12
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  • hearme0

    And while I'm in favour to buy games when they come out......for consoles maybe, I'm going to say that it's just not a smart idea in general to do so. Especially for the PC. First off, patches are generally needed for games like this and second, the price of 59.99 will drop to 29.99 in 6 months and 44.99 in 1-3.

    I'll never understand the idiots that buy EVERYTHING at premium pricing upon release.

    24.6.2015 15:26 #1

  • bhetrick

    Originally posted by hearme0: I'll never understand the idiots that buy EVERYTHING at premium pricing upon release.
    Well then you're talking about console gamers and not pc gamers. No one pays retail for pc. With so many different digital e-tailers available, games are always sold at a discount.

    Now, that being said, I do know what you're saying. These days publishers push their devs to rush out buggy messes with the "oh well maybe we'll patch it later" attitude.

    But alas, Steam has come to our rescue now that they allow refunds for broken games. And Batman A.K. is it's first victim.

    In fact, Warner Brothers pulled Batman A.K. from Steam because so many people were getting refunds. The way it works, Steam refunds the full price to you but Steam still keeps their cut for selling the game. So it actually ends up costing the publishers even more than what they made off the game. They lose the game price PLUS Steam's cut.

    And it works. The proof is in the pudding. W.B. pulled Batman from Steam quicker than shit.

    And it's about time. For FAR too long publishers / developers have been ripping off gamers. Now it's time to pay.

    You know what? With Steam's new refund policy, now is the PERFECT time to preorder every single game (as long as it's on Steam). Make the publishers pay out of their own pockets if they think they'll get away with screwing us over.

    25.6.2015 13:49 #2

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