Lenovo folds its mobile division into Motorola

Lenovo folds its mobile division into Motorola
A year after acquiring Motorola Mobility, Lenovo has folded their own struggling smartphone division into its now more famous brand.

Motorola will now take over smartphone development and manufacturing in an effort to cut costs.

The news comes via Lenovo mobile business head Chen Xudong, who said the combined company will take the "best talent" from both Motorola and Lenovo.

Earlier this year, Lenovo laid off 3200 staff to help streamline the business, but it was not enough as its Motorola division continues to lose money.

Chen also noted that Motorola will run Lenovo's smartwatch development, as well, although non-Apple Watch smartwatches have generally struggled mightily to gain any traction.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Aug 2015 21:53
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