Report: Xbox One Slim to launch this year

Report: Xbox One Slim to launch this year
According to new reports, Microsoft is planning to release a digital-only "slim" Xbox One later in 2016.

If true, the new console will cost less than the current MSRP of the Xbox One, $350.

Microsoft blogger Brad Sams calls the reported console a "lightweight Xbox One," and expects it will launch in time for the holiday season.

To lose its weight and keep the price down, the new Xbox One will only allow for digital downloads and will not have a disc drive. Says the blogger: "I have heard from internal sources that the company is considering plans for a lightweight Xbox One that may only be for Windows store games and would compete with the Apple TV. But it's not clear if these plans have been scrapped."

The idea is certainly interesting, especially if the price drops significantly under that of the original Xbox One (let's say, $199) and if the new console includes some extra home entertainment features.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 2 Jan 2016 20:27
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  • Menion

    So let me get this straight I "pay"

    1. For The Console
    2. For My ISP Monthly
    3. Live Membership Monthly
    4. Digital Downloads

    In return You not only get the money from 3 of those 4, you also collect money from the Ads you subject all subscribers to endure, and without having to manufacture any of the media you simply collect the revenue for something we get to use for the time being. In 15 years from now when I want to come back to play the media I purchased, it may very well no longer be available anymore... Sounds like going for this deal is about as much fun as dropping the soap in a prison shower cell.

    3.1.2016 03:46 #1

  • thebox

    If this Disc-less Xbox has USB Ports, I'm gonna let my Spidey Senses run rampant here and speculate that you can still play Disc-based games.

    Am I right or wrong in thinking this way?

    ahhhhh!!! cobras

    4.1.2016 08:27 #2

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