Vevo is working on a subscription version of the service

Vevo is working on a subscription version of the service
Vevo, the lead streaming music video service, is planning a subscription-based model.

The paid version of the service could be available as soon as this year, noted CEO Erik Huggers.

"Today our business is all about ad-supported," said Huggers. "So we think that one of the important things -- we hear this throughout the industry -- is the move toward subscription. That's something we're interested in."

Vevo, a joint venture between giants UMG and Sony Music, sees about 17 billion video views a month and the companies receive all their revenue from the site from advertising.

It is unclear what the paid service will cost consumers, or what exactly will make it worth the monthly fee. We will likely know more this year.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 20 Feb 2016 21:47
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  • hearme0

    So they see about 17bn video views a month and they get revenue from ADs....which presents the service to viewers they wanna convert to subscription where people pay a MONTHLY F'ING FEE to watch the same videos that are free on TV, torrent sites, scattered ALL OVER the internet for free and even on YouTube sometimes (not Vevo)???

    I don't see anyone sincerely paying for a monthly service to watch videos 'cause it seems that most peeps wanna watch a single video then done.

    This isn't gonna work. This will be likened to the Yahoo! ventures like Other Space which is one of the worst shows ever created in history and now.......selling itself because Yahoo again has MORONS behind the steering wheel.

    21.2.2016 11:19 #1

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