Startups Wallapop and LetGo to merge to take on Craigslist

Startups Wallapop and LetGo to merge to take on Craigslist
Wallapop and LetGo, two startups that provide easy ways for consumers to post their items for sale offline, are preparing to merge to better take on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook's Marketplace.

You have probably seen the ads for both companies, which promise the easiest ways to sell your used items anywhere, and the two companies have raised over $100 million together from investors.

Craiglist specifically has been very slow to innovate, especially with mobile, allowing startups to take marketshare relatively quickly. Both companies have over 15 million downloads for their mobile apps but it is unclear how many remain active users.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 May 2016 23:39
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  • hearme0

    This really pisses me off! As a network engineer, like so many other techs, I vet the Hell out of new tech and apps.

    Tried BOTH of these last week. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!

    These two entities are brutal LOSERS!

    Both from Spain, both work EXACTLY THE SAME WAY and both apps are about 96% identical. The menus, the layout, the fonts. Except LetGo has little bar with options but that's it.

    I truly believe these two are the same owners or at least collaborating DAILY with ALL DECISIONS.

    Now, onto the app. I'm back to OMFG!!!!!

    Peeps think Craig's List is bad, perhaps like the wild west in that getting screwed blind behind your back is rampant.

    Wallapop is worse!

    I posted a nice flawless laptop on both and got one response from LetGo and 8 from Wallapop. ALL SCAMMERS. All doing the EXACT SAME THING where he/she contacts you saying they want your item in broke ass English and sentence structure (indicative of foreign morons likely from Nigeria) and they ALL HAVE GMAIL accounts that are "somewhat" similar, and ALL say they will provide "CERTIFIED CHECK" and then lastly they ALL SAY "I can't make it due to work or whatever so I'm having my wife/fiancee, etc pick up"

    I mean this is bad. Wallapop is EMPHATICALLY USELESS and you are lucky if you sell something without scammers.....usually way low priced items.

    I contacted companies and requested my accounts be deleted and I will never touch those shitty apps again!

    You've been warned but people only learn from getting an ass kicking first-hand.

    13.5.2016 11:47 #1

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