Amazon to expand private-label brand offerings

Amazon to expand private-label brand offerings
According to multiple sources, Amazon is looking to expand its private-label brands to include household items and perishable food including nuts, coffee, baby food, and diapers.

The rollout is expected in the coming weeks and will be available to Prime subscribers.

Reportedly, some of the new brands are called Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime, and Mama Bear. Happy Belly will be the brand for nuts, trail mix, teas, and cooking oils and Wickedly Prime will include snack foods. Mama bear will be the brand for baby products like diapers and baby-safe detergent.

Most expect the Amazon brands to undercut major brands in price, and with free Prime shipping, the products could certainly gain a cult following.


Written by: Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 May 2016 23:30
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  • hearme0

    Better be good! Organic! Gourmet! The cooking oils and teas aren't to be chinced on.

    I can see Amazon just employing any old nut manufacturer. Coffee too! Coffee just isn't something that people will buy from Amazon IMO. I get mine from Britt which is Costa Rican and sold on Amazon.

    Nuts from local grocery store as a matter of pure convenience if I just 'happen' to want them.

    This new "private label" venture won't harm or help Amazon. Might as well just leave it be.

    17.5.2016 13:33 #1

  • Bozobub

    If it's cheap/high quality enough, people will buy it. For example, people drink Folger's coffee, which, to be frank, tastes like crap. And they'll drink "civet coffee", which is made entirely from coffee beans that have passed through a civet's digestive tract (yes, it's essentially "civet-poop coffee"). If either sell - and they do - super-cheap and "hyper-premium" both can have their place.

    17.5.2016 15:15 #2

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