Google is struggling to get people paying for YouTube

Google is struggling to get people paying for YouTube
Why would you pay for something that you get for free? That is a question that streaming services like Spotify and YouTube have been trying to figure out for years. There doesn't seem to be a solution or even a good answer to that question.

After twelve months since the release of YouTube Red, the video service is still having trouble finding paying customers, writes The Verge. The service is essentially YouTube with a few exclusive shows and no advertisements. With only 1.5 million customers, recorded couple months ago, it's a far cry from what Google had in mind.

That's just over one tenth of a percent of YouTube's over a billion monthly active users. Obviously Red is only available in a limited market and requires more time to be available worldwide but I assure that Google is not happy with mere million or two million payers. That generates under 200 million of revenue which is peanuts to Google.

Seems that YouTube needs to be investing a lot more (in exclusive content) to get the type of traction it needs to compete against the likes of Netflix which is closing in on 100 million subscribers.

Written by: Matti Vähäkainu @ 3 Nov 2016 15:19
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  • matthuisman

    I got Red free with Google Play :)
    It is very nice not having any ads!

    3.11.2016 17:42 #1

  • fb2075

    I block ads for free with Adblock Plus! :D

    3.11.2016 18:18 #2

  • Bozobub

    Originally posted by fb2075: I block ads for free with Adblock Plus! :D
    Exactly. They're going to need a LOT of original, quality content, 'cause "ad free" is already easily possible.

    4.11.2016 03:41 #3

  • lxfactor

    Ad away doesn't remove ads from YouTube...

    4.11.2016 16:13 #4

  • lxfactor

    Sorry I read your comments wrong lol.

    4.11.2016 16:13 #5

  • Bozobub

    Originally posted by lxfactor: Sorry I read your comments wrong lol. Nah, your confusion is perfectly understandable; I should've phrased that much better ^^' .

    I actually use YouTubeCenter's open source dev version for this functionality (The newer clone found here on the Play Store is VERY suspicious, btw, be warned!) for that functionality, combined with Flashstopper for additional control.

    I haven't seen any ad on YouTube that isn't hard-encoded into the stream in months =) .

    4.11.2016 16:54 #6

  • hearme0

    It befuddles me that anyone would honestly and practically need to "pay" for Youtube because what is already free is not enough.

    People........not the brightest, but they make great pets.

    Me being an exception.

    ...Oh and those making money from ads. I'm referring to the 'watchers'

    5.11.2016 10:43 #7

  • ajsmsg78

    Plain and simple, I'd rather not use YouTube at all if I had to pay to use it. It won't make my life any less interesting not using it.

    5.11.2016 14:17 #8

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